Date Course City/Association
October 20, 2016PAR/Florida Military Specialist 4hrs 9am to 1pmPensacola
October 21, 2016ECAR/EthicsNiceville
October 22, 2016BCAR/Listing to SellPanama City
November 1, 2016BCAR/GRI Core Law 3-hoursPanama City
November 2, 2016Levin-Rinke Workshop 10-noon Goal Setting Pensacola Beach
November 3, 2016PAR/Ethics 3-hrs CEPensacola
November 4, 2016Sales Associate WebinarAll
November 5, 2016Broker WebinarAll
November 8, 2016ECARCrestview
December 9, 2016Sales Associate WebinarAll
December 10, 2016Broker WebinarAll
December 13, 2016ECAR/Contracts AddendumsFt Walton Beach
December 29, 2016ECAR/EthicsFt Walton Beach
January 4, 2017Levin-Rinke Workshop 10am to noon Goal Setting follow-up ReviewPensacola Beach
January 5, 2017BCAR/EthicsPanama City
January 6, 2017Sales Associate WebinarAll
January 7, 2017Broker WebinarAll
January 18, 2017Levin-Rinke Workshop ContractsPensacola Beach
January 26, 2017PAR/14-hr CEPensacola
January 27, 2017PAR/14-hr CEPensacola
February 1, 2017PAR/Contracts UpdatePensacola
February 1, 2017PAR/ProspectingPensacola
February 3, 2017Sales Associate WebinarAll
February 4, 2017Broker WebinarAll
February 8, 2017PAR/Leading the Field Post LicensePensacola
February 9, 2017PAR/Leading the Field Post LicensePensacola
February 14, 2017ECAR/GRI102Ft Walton Beach
February 15, 2017ECAR/GRI102Pensacola
February 22, 2017Levin-Rinke Workshop ProspectingPensacola Beach
March 1, 2017PAR/Contract AddendumsPensacola
March 1, 2017PAR/Listing to SellPensacola
March 3, 2017Sales Associate WebinarAll
March 4, 2017Broker WebinarAll
March 8, 2017BCAR/EthicsPanama City
April 5, 2017PAR/Contract Update-CommercialPensacola
April 7, 2017Sales Associate WebinarAll
April 8, 2017Broker WebinarAll
April 13, 2017Levin-Rinke Workshop The Art of PresuasionPensacola Beach
April 20, 2017PAR/Contract Management Post LicensePensacola
April 21, 2017PAR/Contract Management Post LicensePensacola
May 3, 2017PAR/Contracts UpdatePensacola
May 4, 2017BCAR/EthicsPanama City
May 11, 2017PAR/14 hr CEPensacola
May 12, 2017PAR/14 hr CEPensacola
June 7, 2017PAR/Contracts Update-CommercialPensacola
June 8, 2017PAR/Florida Real Estate Assistant Post License/8hr CEPensacola
June 9, 2017PAR/Florida Assistant Post License/8 hr CEPensacola
July 5, 2017PAAR/Contract AddendumsPensacola
July 6, 2017BCAR/EthicsPanama City
August 2, 2017PAR/Contracts UpdatePensacola
August 2, 2017PAR/Investment StrategiesPensacola
August 10, 2017PAR/Agent's Role in Financing Post LicensePensacola
August 11, 2017PAR/Agent's Role in Financing Post LicensePensacola
August 16, 2017PAR/14 hr CEPensacola
August 17, 2017PAR/14 hr CEPensacola
September 6, 2017PAR/Contract AddendumsPensacola
September 6, 2017PAR/Listing to SellPensacola
September 7, 2017BCAR/EthicsPanama City
September 20, 2017Levin-Rinke Workshop Listing to SellPensacola Beach
October 4, 2017PAR/Contracts Update-CommercialPensacola
October 18, 2017PAR/MRP CertificationPensacola
October 19, 2017PAR/FMS CertificationPensacola
October 25, 2017Levin-Rinke Workshop ContractsPensacola Beach
November 1, 2017PAR/Contracts UpdatePensacola
November 2, 2017BCAR/EthicsPanama City
November 30, 2017Levin-Rinke Workshop Goal Setting for 2018!Pensacola Beach